Escape Wonderland 2015: Psycho Circus

This past weekend I attended my third Escape from Wonderland, an Insomniac event that occurs every Halloween weekend. It’s a two day event that has incredible music, incredible vibes, and an incredible production put on by Insomniac Events. This year, they mixed it up a bit and threw in ‘Psycho Circus’, a little bit of extra freaky for our Halloween. This year’s event included 4+ stages, a ferris wheel, belly dancers, palm readers, tons of creatures creating a creepishly awesome ambiance, and so much more.

Squad on fleek

Squad on fleek…. us Kandi Kids always have the best vibes.

I’ve been going to raves and events for over 3 years now, and I’ve finally figured out the trick to having an amazing and unforgettable time… YOUR CREW!… My rave fam has changed and rotated and molded so much over the years, but one thing remains the same – if you have the right friends with you, that is what will make your experience a good one. You need to have people around you that will enhance your experience and not bring you down. You want to be dancing, and laughing, and partying, and enjoying yourself without having a debbie downer who isn’t joining in, or is making a scene and sucking the energy out of the rest of you. You can’t go to an event and say “this is who I want to see, if I don’t see every single one of these DJ’s, I won’t be happy”, because it doesn’t work that way. For some people, they are set on seeing all the certain people, and they’ll go off on their own to make it happen. For me, my entire outlook on the event I just attended comes from the experiences I shared with my friends. Yes, you want to be listening to awesome music that makes you happy, but if you can’t do it and look to the side and see your closest friends smiling from ear to ear and jumping in the air, is it even fun or worth it? To me it’s not.

To prove my point, this past Saturday, Halloween night, I was extremely excited to see Porter Robinson play. About 10 minutes into the set, my group wanted to leave and walk around, and I went with them, slightly disappointed. We ended up wandering into the tent where The Magician was playing (a DJ I had heard of but who’s music I’d never listened to). We stayed in the back of the tent where there was a lot of room to dance around, and that ended up being my most memorable and favorite time from the entire weekend! Not only did The Magician throw down an absolutely KILLER set with some seriously sick funky beats, but my friends and I were just letting loose dancing together, and just having the greatest time. That’s what I go to these events for.

So here’s a shoutout to my amazing rave fam, and to all the new friends I made this weekend ♥
Check out the video I made from my Halloween weekend at Escape Wonderland here.

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