Why Budapest is my favorite European city (for now…)

Budapest, Hungary (Photo creds: me)

My first real backpacking trip was in Europe, where I spent 50 days traveling to 13 countries and 34 cities. At the end of it all, when I looked back thinking about which city was my absolute favorite, Budapest came to mind. While in some cities I experienced stunning sights, and in others I enjoyed myself to a great extent, Budapest had the best of both worlds. In no particular order, here are all the reasons that I ended my trip with Budapest as my number 1! Continue reading

The Truth About Nostalgia

Budapest, Hungary (Photo creds: Laura Branson)

When nostalgia hits, it hits you hard, like a ton of bricks. It’s almost painful, in the most poetic way. I welcome the nostalgia, but it doesn’t make my days any easier. I think I’ve honestly forgotten what it feels like to not be craving travel. There’s nothing like being in a foreign country, hanging out with foreign people, eating foreign foods, and making memories that you KNOW will last a lifetime. Continue reading